Your Ultimate Guide When Renting Event Venues in Singapore 


Corporate events require meticulous event planning many months in advance especially if it is to be a large-scale event. Usually, corporate events can be categorized as conferences and seminars, a product launch and trade show, incentive programs and team building events, and press conferences or annual parties. While seminars and conferences do not require a fun theme as it serves a particular purpose such as business development in a particular field and takes place over a few days, they need more time to plan, normally a year in advance.

Following are tips that might help you in finding the perfect Corporate Events Venue:

The most important factor to kick-start theplanning stageis to decide on the budget. A fixed budget will help sort out the venues you can afford. Although it limits your choice, but it makes the process quicker and easier.

Decide upon what you wish to do in the event. If there is a possibility of a presentation or a few discussions, then renting a venue with facilities like conference rooms and seminar hallsis a good idea.

Corporate events often require podiums, projectors and a huge seating capacity. Be sure to create a list of basic amenities which you might need and check whether the venue supplies these items.

Another important point of consideration is choosing avenue which is easily accessible. A venue which can be reached easily would be welcomed by the guests. However, if have limited optionsa nice touch would be to include maps and directions along with the invitation. You can also consider offering a pick and drop service.

A corporate party is a good way to unwind. However apart from the above mentioned facts, make sure that you book the venue of your choice much ahead in advance so as to avoid any last minute hassle and confusion.

Typically, big events come with a long list of associated costs, so make sure you select a space that is well within your budget. With a little research, you should be able to find a suitable space that meets all your criteria.

There are event venues in Singapore for gatherings of every size, and you should carefully consider the number of guests who will be in attendance when renting a space. Encourage your guests to RSVP and make sure you take into account your invitees’ potential guests as well. Overcrowding at a smaller venue can really impact how your guests are able to move about and enjoy themselves. Also, renting out too large of a space might leave you footing an unnecessarily large bill. If you’re planning for a rather large party but amunsure of the number of guests, an outdoor space might be the best solution.

If you’re planning for a wedding, find a beautiful location that will photograph well. Many event venues in Singapore have specific packages for weddings and can be decorated to better suit the occasion. Once you have a location locked down, you’ll be able to shift your focus to the other aspects of your big day. It’s never too soon to reserve your venue, and you’d be wise to place a reservation well in advance to ensure it will be available on your preferred date. For weddings in particular, it’s important to get your date on your guests’ calendars so as to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Consider the ideal time of day for your gathering and make sure you find a convenient spot that your guests can easily access.

Preparation is crucial when planning for events. Make sure you’ve accounted for the possibility of bad weather and plot out all details in advance so you can enjoy your time with your guests. Depending on where you live, certain times of year might subject your guests to uncomfortably hot or cold climate conditions. This should warrant serious consideration when you’re choosing a space, so inquire about heating, cooling, and inclement weather protocol when researching different sites.

Planning for your big occasion should be fun. Don’t let the small things stress you out and allow your caterers, professional planners, and hosts do the job they were hired to do. Whether you’re pulling out all stops or are laying down the groundwork for a modest gathering, let those around you offer their assistance and insight. For first-time planners, it can be difficult to find a reliable supporting cast. Ask your friends and associates about their experiences with professional planners and don’t hesitate to consider all your options. With the right planning team, you’ll be able to throw a party your guests will talk about for years to come.