What Makes the Dodge Charger a Vehicle of Choice


The Dodge Charger has been a vehicle of choice by many for several years. It has often been noted as the muscle car, yet by many drivers aside from this it is hailed as being a top performing sedan and one of the best on the market. For a good selection of Dodge vehicles be sure to visit costa mesa used cars.

While the newer versions of the Dodge Charger sedans may not be what many remember from the 1960s it is still a vehicle to be reckoned with. The Dodge Charger is now taking on the role of still being a very impressive looking vehicle, but is one that has adopted to being used by the entire family.

When looking at the newer Charger you will note that it has four doors and is considered to be one of the larger sedan models. Its impressive looks entails the rear roof line that has impressive slopes downward that make it look much like a coupe.

The current Charger has a selection of trim levels that can be chosen from. The SCE and SRT Eight trims are only available with the Dodge Chargers that are rear wheel drive systems. When taking a look at the SE and SXT models you will see that this is a 3.5 L, 292 HP, V6 engine. This is what makes it a great family car as it is excellent on fuel economy and yet has an impressive output. If you want to increase the horsepower then you need to choose the Rallye or a Black Top package to increase the horsepower to 300.

The SCE comes with a five speed automatic but there is an option for an eight speed as well. For those that are looking to capitalize on the Dodge Charger power then they may want to go with the SRT eight. As with any of the Dodge charger’s all of the models are packed with performance as well as luxury.

All of the features that one looks for in a family vehicle are composed into this vehicle. It has a spacious cabin and the 2016 models are noted for their improved ride quality and the interior which is continuing in its appealing prospects. For some great deals and Dodge vehicle information check out http://www.mcpeeksdodge.com/.

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