Cody Ko Net Worth 2022



Many youngsters have found Youtube a great way to make an income. Many young people quit their studies to pursue vlogging.

Cody Co was not so. Cody Co seemed smarter and more organized than he was to finish his studies and get a decent job before he started Youtubing.

Cody Ko

Cody Kolodzeijzyk, also known as an actor, comedian, podcaster, and rap artist, is a well-known Youtuber. His chosen name, “Cody Ko”, has been very popular with his fans.

Early Life & Family

Cody was born to Helen Kolodzeijzyk (Greg Kolodzeijzyk) in Alberta, Canada on 22 November 1990. After graduating from Springbank Community High school, he studied Computer Science at Duke University. He also earned a diploma for management and markets.

Cody Ko’s Major Milestones and Career

Cody began his professional career as an engineer and developer. He developed an iOS app in March 2012, the same year he graduated. It was initially started as a personal assignment, I’d Cap That. But it quickly gained popularity with more than 4,000,000 users within a matter of months. It was so popular that it was named App Store’s “Free App of the Week”.

In 2013, he created a Vine profile and began posting videos there. He was a star in his audition video for Mary Poppins and had over 2.9 million followers by the time Vine closed.

Cody Ko began using YouTube in 2014 to post his videos. This too was a huge success for him with over 5.42 million subscribers. He posts comedy content on his channel, working with Noel Miller.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Cody Ko

  1. Cody Ko called both his parents crazy

Cody called his parents crazy. His parents had both sold their software businesses separately. After that, they began running marathons. His father set the record for the longest time on a bicycle (for 24 hours) by setting the human distance record. His parents then began to do Ironmans. He said that his parents have been running ultramarathons, which is basically 100-mile races. His comment about his parents being crazy is absurd,

  1. Cody Ko was also an Olympic swimmer

Cody Ko was a young swimmer who had already developed his skills. He was a strong swimmer at school and wanted to continue his education in college. He was also a member of the college swimming team.

Net Worth

Cody Ko has an estimated net worth of $2.89million. Although his income is not publicly disclosed, many believe that his real income is closer to $4.05 million. However, he did have other income sources.