Andrew Camarata Net Worth 2022



We know that children learn from their parents. However, very few people dream of following in the footsteps their parents’ footsteps when it comes career choices.

Andrew Camarata, one of these rarest types, followed in his father’s footsteps by starting a business and then becoming a vlogger within the same industry.

About Andrew Camarata

Camarata began his life on the 12th of November 1985 in America, New York. Andrew was inspired by his father and learned a lot about mechanics, such as fixing engines and machinery. He started his own company, which deals with excavation and property renovation. He is now a Youtube star.

Early Life & Family

Andrew’s father was an expert in the field of mechanics and craftsmanship. Andrew was born with a talent for fixing, repairing, and excavating engines and machinery.

He received a degree from Computer Science, and then he continued to pursue his passion for the field that he had been interested in since childhood.

Andrew Camarata’s Major Milestone and Career

Camarata, along with his father, started Camarata Property Maintenance in 2009. It was a start-up and focused on renovating and excavating property.

He started small and worked his way up to larger assignments. He began with small projects like lawn mowing, grading the land and building drainage and driveways. Gradually, he began to take on larger projects like renovating and excavating.

His goal has always been to make his clients happy and help them realize their dreams. He started sharing videos from a few projects on social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube when his business began to gain recognition. He shared a few low-resolution videos on his YouTube channel, which proved to be very popular with millions of viewers around the world.

He now has over 700k subscribers and more than 275 million views to his youtube channel, which covers his projects.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Andrew Camarata

Camarata is an animal lover

Andrew’s passion for animals led to him adopting two golden retrievers named Levi and Daisy. These adorable dogs are loyal to their owners. Andrew often takes them on holidays and posts photos of their adorable companions on social media. Andrew also celebrates their birthdays.

Andrew is a very sporty person

Andrew enjoys adventure sports such as snowmobiling, tubing, and wakeboarding. Over his Instagram accounts, he posts glimpses of outdoor adventures.

Net Worth

According to youtube, Andrew’s net worth has been estimated at $1.3 million. Andrew’s main source of income comes from his business and sponsors through his youtube channels. The exact turnover of his business is unknown.

Youtube pays him $500 per Day for his enormous popularity on the platform.