Career Coaching: Is It a Good Idea to Take a New Career Path?


When it comes to a career it can very difficult to know what lies ahead. For many different reasons people can find themselves at a life changing crossroads. This is where career coaching steps in to help.

Deciding to change career can be incredibly risky. Most people will feel that sacrificing a steady job in favour of something completely different is a scary idea that will be met with resistance from family and friends and will lead to a whole range of obstacles in the job market. While these things are definitely worth considering, people should also be aware that most of us will make at least three significant career changes during their working lives.

There are many different reasons for choosing to change career and even if people don’t understand your reasons, it does not mean that they are not important.

It could be that you want to change to a career that better suits your lifestyle. When people embark on a career when they are younger it is not always clear what direction your personal life will take and while a career that requires long hours, lots of travelling and even more pressure may seem enticing at 21 the reality may well lose its appeal after a few years leaving you wondering how to slow things down but still maintain a career.

The situation could also be that you feel you are ready to set up a business of your own having gained enough valuable experience to make you confident enough to know what you’re doing but not really sure how to go about getting started.

Or, of course, it may just be that you are unhappy in your current career and find yourself wondering how you can successfully change career with little or no experience in your new chosen field.

One way of helping to overcome the perils of a career change is to get professional advice from a career coach. A professional consultant can talk you through the best ways to overcome the obstacles that you are facing in the new field that you are heading into.

A career coach’s job is to understand exactly what you want to do and your reasons for doing so and will offer information and advice no matter what stage you are at in the transition. They also recognise that you have invested in qualifications and experience and will take care over exploring related options as well as complete changes.

A career coach will help you to identify your key strengths, specialist knowledge and transferable skills as well as helping you to assess your personality and what you are driven by and what career options are most suitable to you.

Once there is a clear direction a career coach will then give you a plan for your long-term career direction and show you how to change paths and move your career forward. They will also guide you on how to highlight your transferable skills and knowledge in your new career.

Most of all, career coaching can give you a push in the right direction and the confidence you need to embark on the career you have always wanted.

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