Craig Tester Net Worth 2022


Craig Tester is the only person who can make you feel like you are in control of your emotions from the first time that you see The Curse of Oak Island. His engineering and drilling skills are extraordinary. Tester is also an entrepreneur. You want to learn more about this fascinating personality? Continue reading for a glimpse into his private life, career and net worth.

Craig Tester

Craig Tester, one of the crew members and the producer of The Curse of Oak Island on History Channel, is also a member of the production team. The series’ central theme is the search for a treasure 200 years old that is believed to be hidden on Oak Island. Tester is also a successful businessman and an excellent mechanical engineer. The documentary’s success is greatly influenced by Tester’s expertise in drilling and digging activities.

Family and Early Life

Craig was born in Glendale, California on 16 February 1961. He is the third child of Robert Tester (and Eleanor Tester).

Tester was educated at a Central Montcalm school and then attended Delta Upsilon College where he met Marty Lagina, his roommate. They formed a strong bond, which eventually led to The Curse of Oak Island. He has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University.

Craig Tester married Rebecca Tester, and they have one child called Drake Tester. Drake died in 2017 from epilepsy. He is survived by Jack Begley and Madeline Begley. Tester was so devastated by the loss of his son, he decided to leave The Curse of Oak Island. Tester was able to continue the project and appeared on another series about Oak Island in 2022.

Major Milestones and Careers

Craig Tester’s life has seen some significant milestones:

After completing his BS in Mechanical Engineering, Tester began investing in the oil and mechanical engineering industries. Tester’s engineering abilities are the main reason he has a successful career.

He appeared in The Curse of Oak Island (2014).

He also appeared in two other series, “The Curse of Oak Island – Drilling Down” (2016) and “Beyond Oak Island” (2020).

Oak Island Tours, Inc. is Tester’s company. This company owns most of Oak Islands land and organizes tourism activities to the island.

Craig Tester: A Few Facts You Didn’t Know

Sources claim that Tester may have a piece of Oak Island, the shooting location of The Curse of Oak Island.

Tester aspired to be a professional wrestler as he was young. Tester participated in many wrestling competitions, and he knocked out many professional wrestlers at that time.

He is a skilled businessman. He is Vice President at Heritage Sustainable Energy, which is the largest wind turbine company Michigan owned by Marty Lagina.

Craig Tester’s Net Worth

Craig Tester’s net worth is estimated at $5 million according to the most recent updates. He is a capable businessman and an engineer. His income has been significantly increased by being a part of The Curse of Oak Island.