What Small Businesses Should Know About Mobile SEO


Small businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of the internet will no doubt consult with the best SEO companies Northern Virginia has to offer. One of the most common suggestions and strategies presented by experts is the need for websites to adapt to the needs and wants of their customers. This usually means upgrading to include several mobile SEO tactics.

How important is mobile SEO and what can a small business gain from investing in this specific type of online marketing strategy? These are the basics you should know about mobile SEO before signing any online marketing contract:

Mobile Users Outnumber Desktop Users

Since 2016 reports have indicated that there are more people using their mobile phones for product searching than their desktops and laptops combined. With a market that relies on the daily searches of internets users, a website must be able to adapt to the smaller screens without affecting its quality. Hence the dire need for a mobile-responsive website.

When everything is a smartphone search away, your small business must keep up with the demands or risk falling behind and becoming invisible to the biggest target market available.

Switching To A Mobile SEO Strategy Isn’t That Complicated

Many small businesses who have already invested time and money towards their SEO campaign are hesitant to switch thinking the road is too complicated. However, with the right SEO companies Northern Virginia based experts working on shifting the efforts, the change would not be too hard.

In fact, optimizing the current SEO strategies to become a mobile-first SEO approach is easier than the initial campaign setup. Do not let the challenges hinder your progress and chances of success.

Prioritize Loading Speed

People who use their smartphones to do quick searches usually rely on mobile data for internet connection. As we know, data is expensive and easily runs out, which means it is highly important to have a very fast loading speed. When a user detects a slight hindrance in the loading time, they will most likely leave your webpage and look at your competition’s faster-loading page instead.

Optimize For Social Media

All of the most popular social media platforms such a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer mobile users different benefits from the desktop users. Since almost everyone looking at social media is on their smartphones it is best to use the different perks of going mobile social media to ensure your target market will notice your presence.

Adapting To Your Audience Is A Must

There is no reason to stay stuck to old SEO practices when it is very clear that the rest of the world has moved on. While there is still a good number of desktop users that should be considered, investing in better mobile SEO strategies will come with a long list of benefits. Do not be afraid of change and innovation, give your audience what they want and you will yourself at the top of the search engine ranks sooner than the rest of your competition.
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