Lincoln MoneyGuard III


Plan and protect your financial future by embracing the power of lincoln moneyguard hybrid long-term care solution.

When speaking about retirement, do you find yourself smiling? Probably. It’s likely one of the most crucial financial goals you’ll achieve, which is why it’s essential to protect your plans with a long-lasting care financing solution. Creating a proactive strategy can make all the difference to you and also your loved ones.

A proactive long-term care strategy seeks to:

Provide peace of mind

knowing you have a strong, proactive plan customized for your needs 

Deliver care coverage and legacy protection

Prevent your family from reactively guessing about your care preferences

Protect your legacy and provide for your family 

Safeguard your retirement dollars from the rising costs of care

Smart, efficient protection for your financial future

At Lincoln, we believe that hybrid funding solutions may be the best way to

protect you and your loved ones from long-term care expenses..Here’s why: 

If you do need care, you have a tax-efficient, specialized financing resource, designed to meet your demands.

Ought you not require care, you have the ability to give your family members a legacy via a survivor benefit.

And, if you change your mind, you have the ability to get money back.

See the power of MoneyGuard III

MoneyGuard III is a simple, powerful, alternative solution that is created to meet your evolving requirements.

It uses income tax-free long-lasting care benefits, legacy protection and adaptability, so you might feel confident knowing that you’re prepared whatever life brings.

Flexible funding options

Lock in your guaranteed prices through one single in advance payment or pay gradually (monthly, quarterly, biannual or yearly options are available).

inflation Protection

Your investment can be adapted to grow in time. 3% or 5% compound growth options are available on the first day of claim.

Streamlined underwriting

No medical exams or lab tests were called for. You may be accepted by answering simply a few inquiries.

Benefits sooner

No elimination duration for any kind of care, which lets you access your benefits swiftly, once qualified.

Couples discount

You and your partner might each get a discount rate just for being with each other.

On the go

Looking to move abroad? No concerns, your benefits travel with you.

The right resources at your fingertips 

Start building your customized plan today Our free Attendant care Coordination is available at the time of purchase and enables you to:.

Get started by completing your personal needs assessment.

Determine where you want to live and what services are available in any kind of city or state.

Create your individual circle of love to keep your household connected and knowledgeable about your care choices.

Should you need care, Lincoln is committed to providing you with dedicated support and our team of claims specialists stand ready to help:

File a claim through our simple, straightforward process. 

Provide personalized support as your single-point of contact.

Access your funds quickly and easily.

Set up electronic bill pay to easily review, monitor and manage your claims benefits.