A Delightful Drop Shipping Course


Imagine a course that only took a single day yet left you very feeling very enlightened on matters shipping and drop shipping. Well, that was me a few months ago. I was stuck with my shipping partners and could not run my E-commerce platform with ease. There was always some sort of delay and running my stocks from an actual storage location made everything very complicated. Something needed to be done within the least possible time with guaranteed positive results. I decided to seek advice from a friend running a similar venture who consequently recommended I take a Drop Shipping course in Singapore. Though I bit skeptical at first, I decided to take up the challenge. In the end of it all, the gamble paid up and my business has never been better. Thanks to Conversion Hub – an internet marketing company based in Singapore.

A new approach to shipping

Shipping is part of every business that constantly supplies goods. For me shipping is a critical factor that easily supports my existence in the business. Before partaking in the course, I used to carry out shipping from my suppliers to my storage location then finally to the client. This was on the basis of orders made. This not only created longer periods of transactions but would also often result in unpredictable or delayed deliveries. However, the concept of drop shipping as taught in the course allowed me to carry out a cost benefit analysis over conventional shipping. Profit without holding stock sounds like a magical approach to business. In fact, in the beginning, it all seemed very unrealistic.

Automation and Drop Shipping

Most E-commerce traders rarely have a single job to handle. In fact, most will have multiple jobs and find it difficult to juggle among them. Automation of some aspects of E-commerce hence comes in handy when managing your business. The training essentially equipped me with knowledge of how I could automate my shipping process. Essentially, this means that you can run the rest of your business without ever thinking about the shipments that are in progress. In fact, the automation system is designed such that you can be alerted when different aspects of the shipping process are complete.

Optimizing your Store

As a Shopify account owner, optimizing my account essentially allows me to create more traffic and make greater sales. Optimization involves great functionality and functionality. Though tackled as one unit in the course, these two aspects of the account bear very vital significance when handling E-commerce on any platform. Although the information was clearly based on Shopify, it reflected greatly on all the different platforms where E-commerce is carried out.

What sets this course apart

I am a greater believer that knowledge has to be sought in order for it to be gained. My experience from the drop shipping course Singapore training was however different. I gained knowledge not only because I sought after it but also because of how it was delivered to me. In fact, there was a clear line of delivery leaning towards a competence based approach as opposed to a curriculum based one. At the end of it all, the experience was more than just a learning venture but rather a delightful experience in knowledge acquisition.